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Introduction to all things digital marketing and brand building. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer in need of a refresh or you’re looking to develop your marketing strategy from the ground up, this course will supply you the confidence and the know-how to get where you need to go.

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Master the key components of digital marketing.


Conduct research, audit your brand, and evaluate your competitors.


Build your very own winning marketing strategy.

the details

20 Self Paced Modules

Our course is designed to be at any speed that works for your busy (or maybe not-so-busy schedule). Whether you want to speed through or take it one module at a time is completely up to you.

5 Case Studies

We’ve reviewed some major success stories of digital marketing and distilled them down to their key learnings so you can learn from the best without having to do any of the extra research.

100+ Digital Marketing Terms

Throughout the course, we’ve outlined numerous key marketing terms and even included a detailed digital marketing glossary that you can always reference as you work your way through the course.

8 Downloadables and Worksheets

Every one of our unique designs, charts, and worksheets are available at the end of the course for download. You can even print them out to keep for reference!

Monthly Q&A Session with Iman & Kellee

All of our students are invited to attend monthly Q&A sessions with our resident marketing mavens to help work through the digital marketing challenges you’re experiencing in the day to day of your business.

Lifetime access to the course including updates

Whether you’re designing a brand new digital marketing strategy or just need a refresher a few months down the line, this course and its assets will always be here for you. And we’ll be keeping it up to date along the way!

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course curriculum

Our course is designed to walk you through every stage of developing your digital marketing strategy, from the history of digital marketing to designing and implementing your own digital marketing strategy, this course walks you through step-by-step.

1. Get The Big Picture

Our course starts with an overview of the digital marketing landscape, going into the background of why digital marketing works and why it is definitely here to stay.

  • Module 1

    Marketing Overview
  • Module 2

    Digital Marketing Glossary
  • Module 3

    Digital Marketing 101
  • Module 4

    Marketing Channels Breakdown
  • Module 5

    The History of Digital Marketing vs. traditional marketing

2. Understand All The Moving Parts

It takes a lot of different pieces to build a digital marketing strategy, so before you can begin putting together your own, you first need to understand what each component entails and why it is important. In this section, we deep-dive into seven key elements that will form the foundation of your digital marketing strategy.

  • Module 6

  • Module 7

    Email Marketing
  • Module 8

  • Module 9

    Social Media
  • Module 10

    SEM and SEO
  • Module 11

    Content Marketing
  • Module 12

    Affiliate Marketing

3. Learn Through Example

We’ve outlined some key success stories that show just how effective digital marketing can be. This section focuses on a variety of businesses, industries, and marketing to show you the full scope of possibilities when it comes to a successful digital marketing strategy.

  • Module 13

    Digital Marketing Case Studies

4. Build Your Own Digital Marketing Strategy

Once you have learned all the basics, you’ll be ready to build your own digital marketing strategy. In this section, we outline the stages of research and development so you can start implementing what you’ve learned.

  • Module 14

    Building A Marketing Strategy
  • Module 15

    Competitive Analysis
  • Module 16

    Market Analysis
  • Module 17

    Internal Analysis

5. Review Your Findings

At this point in the course, you’ll have conquered the key components and started formulating your own digital marketing strategy, but while you’re ready to break into the digital marketing world you may still want to come back to this course for reference. That’s why we’ve distilled our key learnings into this series of refreshers and downloadables that you can easily access at any time.

  • Module 18

    Digital Marketing FAQ’s
  • Module 19

    Digital Marketing Do’s and Don’ts
  • Module 20

    Digital Marketing Downloadables

Bonus: Live Monthly Q&A

Get access to a monthly live Q&A’s with Iman and Kellee to answer all of your burning questions. In these intimate, interactive sessions you’ll be able to deepen your knowledge and ask specific questions related to your business and building your marketing strategy.

Kellee Khalil

Kellee Khalil (@kellee.khalil) is a serial entrepreneur, author, and marketer. She has been profiled personally and professionally as the go-to on-air marketing and business expert in a myriad of global and national media outlets. In 2018 Kellee launched Engage Media Group, a brand development agency and digital content studio with offices in New York and Los Angeles. She works with startups and Fortune 500 companies to produce head-turning content that inspires and converts.

Iman Oubou

Iman is an entrepreneur, speaker, and media enthusiast. She launched SWAAY in 2016 (now a portfolio brand of Engage) which has become the leading publishing platform for women thought leaders around the world. Over the course of her career, Iman has helped thousands of women share their stories, build their personal brands, and increase unique visibility in the increasingly cluttered digital media landscape. In 2018, she was a part of the first ever women-only judges panel at the Miss Universe competition, and a mere year later, she received the International Women’s Advocate of the Year Award in Dubai.

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As the owner of a social media and PR agency, I enrolled in this course to get a wider perspective on all the different aspects of digital marketing. The content included was incredibly robust but easy to understand as someone who isn’t a marketer. With this course, I have been able to gain a thorough understanding of each and every aspect of digital marketing. My agency may not offer our clients all of the different services this course touches upon, but now that I have a more complete understanding of digital marketing, I’m able to offer my clients a more holistic perspective and even better strategies for their businesses.

Leila Lewis

Founder, Be Inspired PR

I love the idea of digital marketing and have hired a few agencies in the past, but they just never got my business significant results. I realized that in order for me to manage a marketing agency I needed to have a thorough foundation in digital marketing strategy and know-how. This course has given me just that, a solid understanding of how digital marketing works. And, even better, now I know exactly what I should be looking for in a marketing hire.

Karriann Erdmann

Founder, Skin Five

This course is a total game changer! As digital marketing continues to evolve, I realize how it important it is to stay on top of the latest trends and tactics. This course gives you the A-Z on digital and has helped not only me, but my team stay on top of this ever changing digital world.

Eva Karagiorgas

Partner, Mona Creative


Engage Media Group is a brand agency and a venture studio, building next-gen media and tech-enabled consumer products. We are a collective of world-class brand builders & storytellers who CREATE, PLAN and MANAGE brand strategies for a selective group of partners from established companies to emerging brands, and everything in between.


Our course is self-paced and will be accessible from anywhere and at any time after you purchase it. You can dip in and out whenever you need, even if you don’t necessarily go through it from start to finish all at once. We’ve divided our content into clear and concise modules so you can focus on exactly what you want to learn when you want to learn it.

Plus, our course content may last forever, but this promo code offer won’t!

Absolutely. Our course curriculum is designed with everyone in mind, from seasoned marketers to emerging entrepreneurs. No matter your experience or your business stage, this course is perfect for jumpstarting your digital marketing efforts.

And, if you’re completely new to marketing and brand-building, you’ll find our “Introduction to Branding” and “How To Build A Marketing Action Plan” modules EXTREMELY helpful. :)

Definitely! Of course, assuming you apply the tactics and guidelines we outline in the course! We have dedicated a significant portion of our modules to help you develop or hone in on your brand identity depending on where you are with your business. Furthermore, many of the tools and tricks we share can be used to help further develop your brand recognition, such as our modules on building a brand book, SEO/SEM, content marketing, and social media strategy.